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1588 Microscope with Mechanical Stage

Product ID: #1588

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Many health problems can be found by the microscope examination of the droppings.  The cost of a good microscope will be justified over a short period of time.  If you are able to recognize a health problem early, you will save the lives of many birds.  Go through the loft and collect a minimum of five to ten droppings, by collecting this many there is less chance of overlooking less common problems.  Be sure to include any droppings that are abnormal in appearance.  For example, ones that are green or watery.  Some of the problems that a microscope may help you find are:  Worms, Coccidia, Thrush, Bacteria, Fungus and Canker.  The microscope is used as a management tool to monitor the health and fitness of your birds.  It can also be used diagnostically at the first stage of ill health or on a regular basis to manage the health of the flock.  The interpretation of the droppings is very difficult, but with time and experience the good fancier can quickly translate what is seen under the microscope.  We strongly suggest that if you decide to purchase a microscope, that you purchase Dr. Colin Walker’s book "The Flying Vet’s Pigeon Health & Management".  Dr. Walker discusses the use of a microscope as well as offering many color pictures of what a particular problem looks like.  Our #1588 is constructed of a heavy cast alloy with acid resistant finish.  #1588 includes a standard head bearing mounted and it rotates 360 degrees.  Locked in eyepiece with triple nose piece DIN Achromatic 4x, 10x, 40xR (retractable).  The #1588 includes a mechanical stage with spring-loaded slide clips.  Stage size is 110mm X 110mm (4.33" x 4.33").  Coarse and fine focus with tension adjustment and adjustable stage stop.  Illumination is a 5 watt fluorescent bulb with a five position disk diaphragm.  It sounds complicated but with time and experience, you’ll decide that it is a wise investment and will contribute to a long term success in races and showing.
Some Suggestions:  A good friend of Foy's offers these suggestions when analyzing droppings:
    1.  He buys fiberglass screen from a hardware store.
         He cuts the screen into 2" x 2" squares.
    2.  Put small sample of droppings in your vial and fill 1/2 way up.
    3.  Push screen into vial and then fill all the way up to the convex.
    4.  Put slide on convex.

Microscope with Mechanical Stage

1588 Microscope with Mechanical Stage

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