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Ring Neck Doves

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Foy's is proud to offer these beautiful pigeons. 
They are shipped to your home via express mail. 

Shipping and Box 1 pair is $75.00. 
Shipping and Box 2-5 pair is $85.00. 
Shipping and Box 6-9 pair is $100.00.

Foy's is very excited to now offer Ring Neck and Diamond Doves for sale.  The beautiful doves are shipped to your home via express mail.

The Ringneck Doves are about half the size of a regular pigeon and are very hearty and easy to raise, but are not to be mixed in with a loft of pigeons.  The Ring Neck Dove needs it's own individual small loft or a small section in your pigeon loft.  Their cooing is beautiful to hear and their gentle nature makes them a great choice if you like to spend time with your birds.  Ring Neck Doves are what most magicians use as part of their art.  The magic shows include solid white doves, but we offer them in not only solid white, but other beautiful color choices.  

If raising Ring Neck Doves is new, or you are contemplating adding some, keep in mind, because of their size, they should be kept in a section loft by themselves.  The larger pigeons may harm these small, beautiful birds.  Doves are pigeons, but do require equipment and feed suited to doves.  I strongly suggest, if doves are new to you, that you purchase a book to help you along the way.  There are two books I would suggest; #818 "Doves" which is a basic book, meant for new dove fanciers, or perhaps a refresher course.  #9012 "Ringneck Doves" is a bit more advanced book which contains over 100 full color photographs and description of over 30 different color varieties.

Professor Bob Lockhart wrote a great book on Ringneck Doves which includes a generic diagram, color charts and a standard.  The standard helps the Ringneck breeder understand what makes a bird a show quality.  If you are interested in learning more about showing, breeding or knowing other breeders may we suggest you check out the American Dove Association  Join the ADA and enjoy the hobby even more.  Please note that the Ring Neck Doves are NOT banded.

All the pigeons and doves are not from Foy's lofts. 
We offer these beautiful birds to you our customer and
are all shipped by an award winning breeder.

These are quality birds and we stand behind them. 
Please allow a week to 10 days for delivery.

Please call Jerry at 1-877.355-7727.


Ring Neck Doves
Ring Neck Doves

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