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2505 Muscle and Wing Powder

Product ID: #2505

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Muscle and Wing Disease is a bacterial disease that under certain specific conditions starts over growing that initially only causes inflammation in the breast muscles. Symptoms are blue discoloration and swelling of the breast muscles.  Pigeons become unwilling to train as a result of inflammation of the breathing muscles.  Pigeons often sit with their beaks hanging open causing fanciers to confuse it with respiratory disease.  High dose treatment with Amoxicilin trihydrate is the treatment of choice.  Use for 7 days, may be used effectively mid racing season when pigeons are starting to loose form.  Also treats Enteritis and E. Coli.  40% Ultra Pure Amoxicilin trihydrate, Neomycin Sulphate, immune stimulants and herbals.  Use over feed as per directions.

Muscle and Wing Powder     100 grams

2505 Muscle and Wing Powder

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