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Explore our collection of popular pigeon, chicken, pigeon racing, small animal, and rabbit books and DVDs. No matter if you are a beginner breeder, a professional racer, or someone who loves the hobby, you are sure to find these books and DVDs helpful and entertaining.
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802 Lofts of North America

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This book is the result of over 5 years of work, and I truly believe it is the most anticipated book in many years. As the owner of a major pigeon supply company, we receive inquiries on a regular basis, asking for information about building a loft. This book is meant to give you ideas, not only on what a loft looks like, but it is also full of interior pictures of a loft to give examples of nest boxes, perches, flooring, breeder cages, ventilation, windows, doors, trapping, aviaries, feeders, drinkers, and so much more. We included over 100 lofts from Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, North-South-West and Eastern United States. I did not want just Taj Mahal type lofts that cost a mint, (but there are some in the loft), I wanted the Average Joe loft, Racing Homer lofts, Fantail lofts, Runts, Rollers, Pouters, Dovecoats, Parlor Tumblers and so much more. We have included step by step pictures on building a loft and a page by page diagram with bill of materials to build a 4x8 loft. The book is 99% in color and much of the description text is written by the fancier who built the loft. We have amature builders and professional builders. The book is editing as we go to press with our catalog, so I can not tell you how many pages it is, but it will be over 200 and I can assure you, it will be professionally produced and a book that you will want for the many great ideas offered. Even if you do not plan on building a loft, Lofts of North America will give you a ton of ideas about improving the loft you have. If you would like an autographed copy, please let us know. A Great Gift. I apologize for the high cost, but printing a book in color and what a printer considers a low number, it is very expensive to print. Written by Jerry Gagne.

Lofts of North America

802 Lofts of North America

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