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Explore our collection of popular pigeon, chicken, pigeon racing, small animal, and rabbit books and DVDs. No matter if you are a beginner breeder, a professional racer, or someone who loves the hobby, you are sure to find these books and DVDs helpful and entertaining.
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836 Pigeons for Pleasure and Profit

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by Charles Foy and Clair Hetland. This book will bring you up to speed on the essential basics. Insights into the unique relationship of people and pigeons throughout history. Highlights the popular breeds. How to determine best housing, fly pens, sun porches and nesting arrangements as well as the equipment needed for sound loft management. Need to know the proper grain mixture for your region? It’s covered in a chapter dedicated to feeds. Explanations of pigeon habits as well as how to control  behavior for flock harmony and optimal performance. Clear guidance for identifying and controlling internal and external parasites. Details the most common pigeon disease and the best medications for safe and effective cures. Twelve informative chapters explain every detail of the pigeon business. Used as a standard reference in many public libraries. Soft Cover. 112 pages.

Pigeons for Pleasure and Profit 

836 Pigeons for Pleasure and Profit

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