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Explore our collection of popular pigeon, chicken, pigeon racing, small animal, and rabbit books and DVDs. No matter if you are a beginner breeder, a professional racer, or someone who loves the hobby, you are sure to find these books and DVDs helpful and entertaining.
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9053 Pigeon Racing Analytics: Winning with Data

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Racing Pigeon Analytics: Winning With Data” utilizes 13 years of data collection, analysis and testing to show the serious racing homer enthusiast how to use hard data instead of guesswork and questionable theories for breeding, managing and selecting your racers. If you’re tired of trying to improve your race results with the latest, newest and ever more expensive “miracle” drugs and ready to actually upgrade the genetic quality of your pigeons as well as your techniques for handling them, you owe it to yourself to read this book.  The author has raised and flown performance pigeons (racers and rollers) for 46 years. He was the publisher of “The Roller Journal” for 20 years, World of Wings board member from 2007-2010, was selected by his peers for the National Birmingham Roller Club’s Hall of Fame, is the author of America’s No. 1 roller book (“Flying the Birmingham Roller”) and has served numerous times in various capacities in a number of local, regional and national pigeon clubs. Most pertinent for this book, Dave Gehrke doesn’t fly pigeons by the seat of his pants, the whim of the moment, the current trend or the latest drug regimen. He races with data.  Paper Back.  156 Pages.

9053 Pigeon Racing Analytics: Winning with Data

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