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3423 Double Hanging Breeder Cage

Product ID: #3423

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This is ideal for the fancier that lacks floor space, or has a tough time bending over to observe or feed and water birds in a breeder unit. The Double Breeder Cage is big enough to put one pair on each side, but you can remove the center divider and allow the birds to see each other and get used to each other before putting them together to mate. There are occasions when you put two strange birds together and the cock will beat up the hen because they are not a pair. By allowing the two birds to get acquainted before getting together, you will just about remove that possibility. You receive two double coop cups that will hold feedr. A wire floor and a slide out tray, below the wire floor, to remove droppings. Each side has a spring loaded door to get access to the birds. 43 1/4" x 22 x 17 1/2" Front to Back and 15 3/4" High.

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#3423  Breeder/Sick Bay Unit

3423 Double Hanging Breeder Cage

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