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7036 Dr Pigeon's Healthy Show Water 16 oz.

Product ID: #7036

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Nothing is more important than the quality of the birds drinking water.  In response to the many calls about their birds getting sick after a show, Foy's formulated a product to address the problem.  This is a NATURAL product meant to help prevent viral and bacterial infections, while the birds are in a show hall.  Add to the drinking water two days before the show and two days after returning from the show.  HEALTHY SHOW WATER should be the only drinking water that the birds have access to and should be changed every day.  Contents include Eyebright (respiratory), Plantain (Antibacterial), Marshmallow (respiratory and digestion), Echinacea (immune system boost),  Thyme (immune system booster and disinfects), Chamomile (stress), Licorice (immune system, stress), Apple Cider Vinegar, Detox (increases acidity of water to reduce disease possibilities).  The directions are 3 ml/cc per 2-3 ounces of drinking water or 2 1/2 tablespoons to a gallon.  The normal show cup used on the show cages is 2 oz. but that may vary.  We include a 3cc syringe with every bottle of HEALTHY SHOW WATER, so it is very easy to use at the show.  You may want to order a few extra syringes, #175, but one is all you should need at a show.  Using a syringe, add to each show cup, change every day.  We suggest you use a show cup filled with Healthy Show Water and fill your syringe from this cup.

#7036  Dr. Pigeon's Healthy Show Water    16 oz.

7036 Dr Pigeon's Healthy Show Water 16 oz.

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