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1716 Glucose + by Versele-Laga

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Gloucose + is a Natural sugar present in a lot of plants. It is easy to digest and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, this makes Glucose + extremely suitable as a quick energy provider after a long exertion. By adding vitamin to the glucose the pigeon is simultaneously provided with important substances for the proper functioning of the metabolism and the pigeon can recover much faster. Composition is Glucose (99.8% / Lactose.  2-5 level tablespoons per liter (a bit more than a quart) of drinking water on return from a long flight and may also be given in the drinking water when using medicines to improve the flavor of the water. Change daily. Packed in a large 400 gram container.

Glucose + by Versele-Laga     400 grams

1716 Glucose + by Versele-Laga

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