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1733 Boost X5 (350 capsules)

Product ID: #1733

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Boost X5 Power by Oropharma - Versele-Laga ensures your pigeons are excellently prepared for their race, guaranteeing enough power and stamina during the flight.

Oropharma Boost X5 has been developed for a maximal support of the muscles and helps to avoid muscle breakdown during the race. Thanks to Boost X5 the pigeon's power and stamina is boosted so it has a better chance at successfully completing the race.

During the race pigeons use up a lot of energy. Thanks to its unique composition Boost X5 makes sure that the energy that is taken in is stored efficiently (role of L-Glutamine) and if necessary, is released again (role of L-Carnitine). After a while, when the pigeon has to use up all of its power, the released energy sources decrease little by little. This means that the pigeon possibly needs to use up own muscular tissue in order to comply with its energy needs. Because Boost X5 contains BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), the pigeon will make use of these amino acids as energy source in emergency situations. In this way Boost X5 avoids the pigeon breaking down its own muscles. Boost X5 contains rice bran (a source of Gamma-Oryzanol), which helps to prevent the pigeon using up his own muscular tissue in case his reserves do not suffice. In addition to this Gamma-Oryzanol also helps to develop the power and muscle mass. Siberian ginseng was added to Boost X5 as well, which stimulates the pigeon's performance and stamina.

TIP: Use Hemolyt 40 and Boost X5 for the unique duo for fast recovery and strong muscles.

Directions for use:
Place 1 capsule per pigeon in its beak in the morning and evening.

Versele-Laga Boost X5 the replacement of and successor to the well-known Creathlon+.

#1733 Boost X5 (350 capsules) 

1733 Boost X5 (350 capsules)

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