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5074 Natural Granulated Floor Covering 44 lbs - 5 for

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If you are like me, with limited time to spend in the loft, I would suggest you consider Natural Granulated Floor Covering.  Natural Granulated Floor Covering is a natural product consisting of lava drawn from the subsoil and has an exceptional absorbing power: 2.2 lbs. will absorb easily over a quart of water.  When the droppings fall on the granules, they dry very quickly which stops the contamination cycle by parasites such as the oocysts of Coccidiosis and of the eggs of ascarids (intestinal worms).  Another benefit of Natural Granulated Floor Covering is that the granules absorb the smell of the droppings.  You might want to spread some around the nest bowl when young birds eject liquid droppings.  The granulated floor may stay in the loft for up to a year provided it is raked weekly and also adds good insulation against the cold.  Young birds love to lay down in this product.  Their droppings dry quickly and their feet are always clean.  A 44 lb. bag will cover about 16 square feet at 1/2" deep.  I have over 500 pigeons and use it in all my lofts, nest bowls and breeding cages. Additional Shipping Charges Will Apply. 

 Natural Granulated Floor Covering 44 lbs. - 5 for

5074 Natural Granulated Floor Covering 44 lbs - 5 for

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