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1093 Show Cage Grill - Resting Platform 10 pack

Product ID: #1093

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These lightweight grills are designed for placing in a show cage. Many clubs have discontinued the use of shavings in a show hall. Without something for the bird to stand on, they will be standing in their own droppings. The grill may also be used in a nest box, under the nest bowl. I personally use them under my water containers. Moisture that collects under the water container will be a breeding ground for disease. You may also use them on the bottom of your carrying basket which keeps the bird's feet clean without the use of shavings, which may irritate the bird's eyes. Easily cut to fit any basket. 9 3/4" X 9 3/4". 

1093 Show Cage Grill - Resting Platform  10 pack

1093 Show Cage Grill - Resting Platform 10 pack

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