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2493 Re-Coop Plus Liquid 8 OZ

Product ID: #2493

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One never knows what a race bird or for that matter, what any flying bird has been up to while it is away from the loft or during transportation to a race.  Birds are exposed to strange birds, different and sometimes fouled water.  Sometimes, when out of site, a bird may go down and take a drink from polluted water.  Re-Coop Plus is an efficient, all natural detox of a birds system.  It also builds resistance to bacterial and fungal infections.  An added benefit of Re-Coop Plus is its ability to aid in developing a healthy digestive system and proper liver and kidney function.  Contains:  Tinctures of milk thistle seed, birdock root, golden rod herb, cleavers herb, marigold flowers, oregano herb, thyme herb, dandelion root and leaf and apple-cider vinegar and honey.  Add 20 ml/cc to a quart of drinking water.  We suggest you follow with a probiotic such as Biotic Pigeon.

 Re-Coop Plus Liquid     250 ml/cc (8 oz)

2493 Re-Coop Plus Liquid 8 OZ

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