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2603 Foy's Ultra Pro 1 lb

Product ID: #2603

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So many medications call for the addition of vitamins and pro-biotics after the treatment.  Foy's now offers you the opportunity to do this in just one step.  Foy's UltraPro is a combination of a high quality vitamin along with a probiotic.  Foy's UltraPro is also a great prodcut to add to the drinking water 2-3 times a week.  The probiotic helps keep the intestines healthy, and this is where so much disease starts.  The vitamains will, over a period of time, create a smooth glossy feather, tight droppings and give your birds energy and eagerness to fly.  You should also expect better fertility and a good moult.  1 teaspoon per gallon 2-3 days after a medication treatment and use regularly 2-3 days a week year round.

Foy's Ultra Pro  1 lb.

2603 Foy's Ultra Pro 1 lb

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