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Respiratory infections are very common in pigeons. They are the major cause of poor performance in performing birds such as Racing Homers, Rollers, Tippler and High Flyers. Young birds under stress seem most vulnerable because they have not developed a strong immune system. Respiratory is not a disease, but may be the result of several organisms and can be caused by several combined circumstances. The respiratory system can be infected by such things as: Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, E-Coli, Fungi, Viruses and even mites. Stress weakens birds and makes them more vulnerable. Dampness, overcrowding, dirty lofts and over training may lead to respiratory problems and are best treated orally or in the drinking water. Sneezing in a loft, if it is occasional, is normal. Open beak breathing is one of the earliest indications for the detection of respiratory problems. Hot weather is particularly stressful to all birds and the principal methods that pigeons have for shedding excess heat are open beaks and will often occur in hot weather. Overweight, out of condition birds will often exhibit open beak breathing.

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2501 Tylan Soluble Powder 100 gr.

Product ID: #2501

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Highly recommended by Vets to treat many forms of respiratory problems in Pigeons.  If your Pigeons are of the flying variety and they are not performing as expected, you may have a respiratory issue.  Mycoplasma Gallisepticum, a breathing problem, may be found in as many as 30% of the racing pigeon lofts.  Overcrowding of young birds may bring this problem.  Sometimes the Pigeons show no symptoms and yet have respiratory problems.  Tylan may also be an aid in treating one-eye colds.  Tylan powder is used at the rate of 2 teaspoons per gallon for 5 days for Pigeons ONLY.  

Dosed for Pigeons ONLY

Tylan Soluble Powder   100 grams.

2501 Tylan Soluble Powder 100 gr.

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