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9041 Problem Droppings Explained

Product ID: #9041

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A great little book that will help the fancier recognize health problems by paying attention to the pigeon’s droppings. This book sets out to: Describe and explain some of the reasons (and possible causes) of the changes that might be seen in the droppings. To explain the usefulness (and limitations) of the laboratory examination of the droppings. To help the interested fancier make use of a microscope. To suggest a sensible approach to treatment. Chapters include Normal Droppings, Changes That Might Be Seen., Trouble-shooting Guide to Changed Droppings, Droppings Testing, Control of Droppings Problems by Management. Treatment by medication. Many colored pictures are included in this 59 page book. When you have a working knowledge of what healthy droppings look like, and what changes to healthy droppings mean, you are well on your way to correcting health problems in the loft. Written by Dr. Frank Harper

#9041 Problem Droppings Explained 

9041 Problem Droppings Explained

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