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390 Paper Pulp Nest Bowls 10 for

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The original Sanitary Nest Bowls were out of production in 2015. We replaced these with a new nest bowl that looked exactly like the originals, and the measurements were the same. There was a controversy about these new nest bowls; some were concerned about young dying in the nest. So, we were back to square one. We then ordered new paper nest bowls (Dandy) from Belgium, but these were not satisfactory and many did not like them. These bowls from Belgium were not deep enough and sometimes young birds crawled out of them. There was also a hump in the center that allowed eggs to roll to the side. So, we discontinued these Dandy bowls from Belgium. 

After a long discussion with the Foy’s team, it was decided that we had to start a search for a nest bowl like we used to sell a few years ago. We found a company, in Florida, that would make them, but the cost was unreasonable. We then contacted a company in Canada, and although they would not make them, they found an overseas company that would, but there was one catch, we had to order a full 40’ container which amounted to about a quarter of a million bowls! We mulled this over and thought long and hard about investing so much money. We had to invest thousands of dollars to first make the mold, and then they sent samples back and forth for our approval. In July the container arrived, and we are now able to supply you with the old style Sanitary Nest Bowls, but with one difference. The size is the same as the originals, but they are not white. The bowls are made from nothing but paper and water. We had the opportunity to make them white, but this meant using chemicals, and we did not want that, so the bowls are the natural color of gray. The base of these bowls is a bit over 10”, the top diameter is a bit over 7 ½” and they are 2 ½” high, just like the originals. The texture is a little  rough, the reason for this to allow the babies to get a good grip when they try to stand up, which will reduce just about any possibility of splayed legs. Foy’s Paper/Pulp Sanitary Nest Bowls are meant to be disposable after the young are raised and out of the nest. Ideal for most small to medium breeds, but not the large breeds such as Modenas and Kings.

Paper Pulp Nest Bowls 10 for 


390 Paper Pulp Nest Bowls 10 for

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