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1636 Nest Box Four Hole with Plastic Next Front

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A complete unit that may be set on the floor of the loft , hung on the wall or stacked one on top of the other to create an eight nest unit. The unit may be used for mating individual pairs, and is the pairs permanent home. For the Racing Pigeon flyers, it may be used as a widowhood nest box. You get two plastic nest fronts that swing in as needed, and we supply a door that slides up and down, you may install the door on whichever side you want. We ship the unit disassembled, but it is easy and quick to put together. We install all the black nest front holders, so you do not have to worry about where they go. All the screws are supplied and we pre-drill the hole so that you know where to place the screws. The first time I used one, I put it together in less than 15 minutes. Completely sanded and you may want to consider painting it before or after assembly. The total unit is 30 1/2" from left to right , 15 1/2" front to back and 30 1/2" high. Each nest box unit is 14" left to right, 14" front to back and 14" 1/4" high. We supply the plastic fronts. If you decide to hang the unit on the wall, we suggest you put a screw in each interior corner. We do not supply the hanging screws.

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1636 Nest Box Four Hole with Plastic Next Front

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