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2087 Ultimate Nest Box (12 Pack)

Product ID: #2087

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This Ultimate Nest Box has so many features.  I hope I don't forget to list them all.  It is all heavy duty, beige plastic which can be cleaned easily.  The birds stand on a grated floor and the droppings fall through to a drawer which slides out for cleaning.  Each unit has a drop down door for the doors to enter and locks the birds should you have the need.  The Ultimate Nest Box may be used as two separate nest boxes using the unique triple track divider.  You can have it open so one pair claims both sides, you can slide a partition that allows the birds to see each other (this is for racing homer fanciers who fly the windowhood system), or the partition allows you to set up the two sides so one pair can not see the other pair.  Each box has vent grills on the sides and the rear.  The front allows you to open each side for complete access.  The Ultimate Nest Box includes a stack and lock system and using this system you can stack them one on top another and also lock them together on the sides.  You can lock them all together and have a wall of nest boxes.  Each Ultimate Nest Box includes a set of rollers that allow you to roll a single stack or the entire wall backward and forward for ease in cleaning around the units.  Won't rust like metal.  Won't rot like wood.  Each individual Ultimate Nest Box is 16.14" Deep x 23" Long x 17.13" High. Additional shipping charges may apply.

2087 Ultimate Nest Box (12 Pack)

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