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1123 Nest Bowl Corner Shelf

Product ID: #1123

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I have been a pigeon fancier for the better part of 65 years. One of the problems I have always had is the pigeons, for some reason, make nest and lay the eggs on the floor. Now there are plenty of nest boxes, so that is not a problem, but for whatever reason, they nest on the floor. They almost always make their nest in a corner, and if there are perches above, the nest is always a mess because of droppings from above. Now I usually do not have perches near the corners, so that, in most cases solves the problem of the droppings falling on  the corner nests, but the corner nests are still a problem, as the pair have problems defending the nesting area from aggressive cock birds. The newly designed Corner Nest Bowl Shelf goes a long way in protecting the eggs and young, much like a regular nest box, it  is much easier to defend from other cock birds. The design allows you to face it in two directions, the open front and doweled side allows for a lot of air flow. Since it need not be screwed to a wall, it is much easier to clean the area, move it, clean the area and put it right back. The unit is large enough to use any size nest bowl, including the larger Dandy Nest Bowl. The unit is 12” X 12” X 12” high.  Sturdy all wood construction will last for many years. There is no need to paint it, but it will last longer if painted and the painted wood resists moisture and stains.

Nest Bowl Corner Shelf 

1123 Nest Bowl Corner Shelf

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