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1777 Carrot Corn Pellets

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Carrot Corn, an extruded pellet fills the deficiencies found in many feeds. Deficiencies such as vitamins, trace elements and minerals are not uncommon.  Carrot Corn PELLETS promote a natural resistance to disease, enriches the grain mixture and should be given throughout the year.  Adding stabilized vitamins, amino acids and minerals ensures a well-balanced and complete food. Extra carotenoids, Selenium and Vitamin E and Vitamin C support immunity. Includes maize (corn), wheat, carrots 10%, adzuki beans, berries (Elderberry and Cranberry (4%), minerals, vegetable oil, Marigold (0.4%), prebiotics, and grapeseed extracts. 1 teaspoon per pigeon per day. An example would be if you have 20 birds, add to what you normally feed them at the rate of 1 teaspoon per bird. Carrot corn offers all the nutrition a pigeon needs and will help prevent the pigeons from getting fat, which, like humans, overweight pigeons are more likely to have health issues and not fly like they are capable of. A feed supplement to make your feed more nutritious and healthier.

1777 Carrot Corn Pellets

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