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2534 Avio Feather and Immune Oil

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This economical but extremely well formulated oil made specifically for pigeons and birds will ensure a shiny and healthy plumage in your pigeons when used regularly.  It contains a combination of 6 different oils known to be beneficial to pigeons.  Avio-Feather and Immune Oil has been specifically formulated with high levels of special ultra pure cold extracted garlic oil.  The combination of garlic and Omega 3 has excellent immune stimulant properties.  It is also fortified with very high levels of Vitamin E that stimulates fertility and acts as a potent anti-oxidant.  Add Avio-Feather and Immune Oil to feed three times per week during the moulting and breeding season and twice per week during the race or competitive flying season.  It combines well with Avio-Multibreed.  Contains a special blend of garlic and Omega 3 plus Wheatgerm Oil, Lynseed Oil, Canola Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E Acitate.

Avio Feather and Immune Oil       500 ml

2534 Avio Feather and Immune Oil

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