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1524 Large Feeding Tray

Product ID: #1524

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I think this is a really great idea for the fancier who enjoys spending time in the loft, feeding the birds. This is a method the Europeans have enjoyed for years. Place the tray on the floor and place feed in it. The birds will flock to the floor and eat from the tray, keeping the floor clean. They will push and shove trying to get to the choice seeds, and that's part of the fun. When you have decided they have had enough, remove the tray. This allows you to control the feed and the birds become quite tame. Ring a bell, shake a can of feed or use a whistle every time you feed and they will quickly recognize the sound as feeding time. Do not dump a bunch of feed in the tray. Add a handful at a time.

Large Feeding Tray 24" x 2"

1524 Large Feeding Tray

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