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48 Scatt 50ml/cc

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Pigeons do not have lungs, they have long air sacs. The Air Sac Mite lives in this air sac and can cause your bird serious problems. It is a more serious problem in any flying breed. Scatt takes care of this mite as well as the scaly mite, which lives under the skin, usually on their feet. They are blood suckers and cause discomfort and foot problems. If the bird stamps their feet, that's the Scaly Mite. Part the feathers off the back and apply a few drops to the skin. Will treat many birds. 

Small Breeds (Rollers)  4 drops
Medium Breeds (Homers) 8 drops    
Large Breeds (Modenas)  16 drops.

Scatt 50ml/cc

48 Scatt 50ml/cc

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