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1759 Mixed Corn IC Plus, Columibine (6.5 lbs.)

Product ID: #1759

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Mixed Corn IC Plus is actually an easily digestible mixture of extruded pellets. These pellets are rich in Brewer’s Yeast which include a lot of proteins and vitamins of the B complex. Also rich in precious herbs (such as Garlic and Onion) to promote the vitality and the appetite. These are also rich in carrots to purify the pigeon. 13% Protein. Enriched with elderberry and cranberry extract, grape seed extract, red mung bean and organic selenium. Mix these pellets with your regular pigeon feed at the rate of 1 teaspoon for each pigeon.

#1759 Mixed Corn IC Plus, Columibine (6.5 lbs.)

1759 Mixed Corn IC Plus, Columibine (6.5 lbs.)

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