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1774 Depure IC-Plus Feed Supplement 10 lbs.

Product ID: #1774

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A feed that is a depurative which helps clean out the birds system along with the added benefit of better digestion and additional vitamins and amino acids. So much more than the standard depurative mixtures. It  contains fresh vegetables and herbs. Provides the birds with necessary nutrients without getting fat. Easily digestible feed that guarantees an extra reinforcement of the IMMUNE SYSTEM

Contains a combination of natural products including beta carotene through the use of carrots. Also includes pre-biotics to promote healthy intestinal flora. Contains White pigeon wheat 20%, White milo 10%, Red milo 10%, Safflower 8%, Pigeon barley 23%, Paddy rice 10%, Broken rice 2% Pealed oats 4%, Brown linseed 2%, Black coleseed 2%, Thistle seed 1%, and Diet pellet IC+ 8%. Calcium .17%, Crude protein of 12%, Crude fat 6% and more. Also includes an organic form of selenium. 

This feed is used at the rate of ¼ cup per day or 1 cup per 4 pigeons. Always give fresh water every day. Make sure the birds eat everything, including the barley, before giving them their regular feed. Does not contain Niger or Wheat. This is not a regular pigeon feed. It is a supplement to the feed that you are already using.

1774 Depure IC-Plus Feed Supplement 10 lbs.

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