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1415 Anti-Roost Spikes (3 Pack)

Product ID: #1415

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Anti-Roost Spikes are specifically manufactured to prevent birds from roosting in areas that the Spikes are installed. Light weight, stiff wires are angled in such a way that birds cannot land or stand on them. Used on the top or lower edge of a roof, outside window ledge, inside the loft in places you do not want the birds to roost. The base of the Spikes are narrow enough (1”) so that it may be installed on wood feeders or any small narrow place. The base is a flexible. Each Anti- Roost Spike includes a base  that is drilled for you to secure it with your nails or screws. The spikes are 4 ¼” long and each unit contains 18 spikes. The Anti- Roost Spikes are 12” long at the base.

#1415    Anti- Roost Spikes (3 Pack)

1415 Anti-Roost Spikes (3 Pack)

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