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749 Oxine (AH) Sanitizer and Disinfectant 32 oz

Product ID: #749

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Aids in the control of Pathogens, Salmonella, E-Coli, Avian Influenza, PMV, other viruses and Asperqillus. It is also an aid in the control of upper respiratory and fungal infections. It may be sprayed on eggs, in incubators, on birds, misted in the loft, added to the drinking water or used as a disinfectant. 7 - 15 drops to a gallon of drinking water. 6.5 oz. per gallon as a disinfectant or mist. Helps control infections, PMV and other viruses.

Oxine Sanitizer/Disinfectant  32 oz.

749 Oxine (AH) Sanitizer and Disinfectant 32 oz

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