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Horizon Micro-Environments has been manufacturing these high quality mailing boxes for over 24 years. They are the most well known and highly respected company in their field. Horizon makes post office and I.A.T.A. approved shipping boxes for birds and nothing else. They are true innovators and continue to improve and create new products. All boxes include plastic ties.

• Feed and water birds prior to shipping.
• Place litter or bedding in the bottom of the box to collect moisture, reduce odors, and provide a foothold.
• Call the recipient and give them the tracking number and expected arrival date.
• Write the shipping address on the box in case shipping label comes off.

• Ship injured, ill or birds under unusual stress.
• Do not remove the white breathable membrane from over the vent holes. The membrane protects your birds from airborne disease, reduces excitability, stress, and is required by postal regulations.
• Do not ship birds in very hot or very cold weather conditions. It is hotter in the box and extreme heat can be fatal to your birds.
• Do not over pack the box. To many birds in a box can cause over-heating and stress which can be harmful or fatal.
• Do not ship birds over the weekend or holiday. They may become stranded.
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2812 Omni Box

Product ID: #2812

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Designed for just about anything that needs more space than the economy box. It is most commonly called the 8 bird box but don't be fooled. It is ideal for ducks, pheasants, bantams and the long tails that your show birds might need protected. Maximum weight when full is 30 lbs.. Has eight separate compartments, and can easily be partitioned with either 1, 2, 4 or 8 compartments. Uses heavier and stronger cardboard for additional strength and is water resistant on the inside. 24" x 18" x 18" wide

Omni Box

2812 Omni Box

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