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1714 Ideal Pills (500 count)

Product ID: #1714

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Ideal pills by Oropharma. Composite herbal and natural plants, Ideal Pills are indispensable to any loft.

- Have fortifying effects
- Stimulate appetite
- Helps digestion
- It's a special food supplement for chicks.
- Accelerate the recovery of racing pigeons after the release.
- They help regulate the body.

The dose may be increased to eight pills a day without any risk.

- During the breeding period: 1 pill in the morning and afternoon from the sixth day.
- For birds weakened and Recovery: 2 capsules morning and evening.
- In the event of a loss of appetite: 1 to 2 tablets morning and evening.

- In youth, when food is not digested: 1 tablet morning and evening.

#1713 Ideal Pills (500 count)

1714 Ideal Pills (500 count)

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