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Vitamins are needed in the course of the metabolic processes.  They are indispensable compounds for animals and humans.  Pigeons receive vitamins as part of their feed, or acquire them in the form of additives to the feed or drinking water.  Vitamin requirements vary, they require certain amounts at all stages of life.  More than average amounts are needed when birds are young, during growth, moulting, mating, breeding and especially during and after illnesses.  Various forms of sugar are used as bulking agents in some vitamin preparations.  Drinking a sugary solution can create a thirst and predispose birds to bowel problems.  When using vitamin supplements in the drinking water, this provides a greater opportunity for multiplication of bacteria, especially in warm weather.  It is important to change the water every day.
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2600 Ultimate Vitamin 8 oz

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No better product on the market and very economical to use.  One 8 oz. package will make approximately 80 gallons of drinking water.  Make fresh everyday.  Used as directed and over a period of time, you will notice a smooth, glossy feather, tight droppings, bird with more energy, and eagerness to fly.  Puts birds in great condition, ready to race, perform or show.  You should expect better fertility, more disease resistance and a better moult.  1/2 teaspoon to 1 gallon of drinking water.  Compare cost and ingredients.  You’ll find nothing better.

Ultimate Vitamin        8 oz.

2600 Ultimate Vitamin 8 oz

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