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Vitamins are needed in the course of the metabolic processes.  They are indispensable compounds for animals and humans.  Pigeons receive vitamins as part of their feed, or acquire them in the form of additives to the feed or drinking water.  Vitamin requirements vary, they require certain amounts at all stages of life.  More than average amounts are needed when birds are young, during growth, moulting, mating, breeding and especially during and after illnesses.  Various forms of sugar are used as bulking agents in some vitamin preparations.  Drinking a sugary solution can create a thirst and predispose birds to bowel problems.  When using vitamin supplements in the drinking water, this provides a greater opportunity for multiplication of bacteria, especially in warm weather.  It is important to change the water every day.
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5067 Naturamine 16 oz

Product ID: #5067

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This tonic is a combination consisting of minerals, trace elements and important amino acids.  Includes the Calcium needed to create strong bones and cartilage which prevents what you may see as limping, brittle eggs and deformed young in the egg.  Includes the needed small amounts of Manganese, Iron, Zinc, Copper, and Cobalt.  The inclusion of Amino Acids such as Lysine that are so important to growth and Cholin for enhanced functioning of the liver.  Naturamine is important during the moult, breeding season, and any stress period such as a race or show.  A silky soft plumage is guaranteed.  Initially we suggest 3 tablespoons to a gallon for 5 consecutive days.  During race or show season use once a week after the event.  During breeding season use 2-3 times a week and during the moult use twice a week.

Naturamine      16 oz.

5067 Naturamine 16 oz

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